Passionately crafting stunning sustainable fashion for our partners world wide.

We want to work with like minded brands around the world. And we want to support our shared values through the creation of successful sustainable fashion collections together.

In other words, we work hand in hand with our brand partners to create products we are proud of, together. Learn more about what we do here.

Discover the kind of products we’re used to working with the most below!

Product Categories

Product range.

We love to be making childrenwear and it represents roughly half of all our productions. Beyond making tiny pieces, we also manufacture with passion streetwear and beachwear for men and women.

Sustainable Fashion Focus.

Sustainability in fashion manufacturing is our passion. We never have, and never will, work with conventional cotton, leather or polyester.

Learn more about our vision here.

Fabric types

Don’t let our name fool you.

We work with woven fabrics almost as much as we work with knits. We love handwoven fabrics and supporting India’s cottage industries whenever possible.

Our network of weavers have developed hundreds of customised fabrics for our brand partners.

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