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  • Sourcing

    Full package fashion manufacturing services. From sourcing to export.


    We offer sustainable and ethical fashion manufacturing services to brand partners around the world.

    Firstly, our in-house sourcing team offers fabrics but also fibre sourcing & yarn development.

    Knitwin Fashion Team 1We have been working for over 20 years with an ethically & socially certified network of weavers and dyers. In India and internationally.

    Therefore, by putting this network at the service of our brand partners, we are able to offer hundreds of fabric options. Knitted or woven, as well as custom made fabrics for instance

    Fabrics are then custom dyed or printed. Always using certified fibre reactive low impact dyes.

    The following fibres are available with us:

    Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Handlooms, Silk fabrics, Recycled Polyester, Hemp, Bamboo, Lenzing Modal, Lenzing EcoVero and Lenzing Tencel.

  • Sampling

    In-house sampling capabilities


    Knitwin Fashion Team Member 10

    Offering fashion manufacturing services since 1996, we have established strict sampling guidelines.

    This has allowed us to have reduced sampling lead times.

    Consequently, this ensures a smooth transition from an idea to an approved sample, ready for bulk production.

    Get in touch with our team to discuss your project and get quotes on your styles. If we move to sampling, our experienced pattern makers will work with you to find the perfect fit.

    If you already have ready patterns, please note that we accept DXF files for digital pattern cutting.

    Lead Times

    • – Our dedicated sampling team ensures we turn around samples in under two weeks.
    • – Every sample sent has a counter copy to ensure a seamless progress through an approved PPS.
    • – If you’d like to know more about our sampling process, the pricing and our MOQs, get in touch with us to review our complete guidelines document.

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    Ethical Fashion Manufacturing


    Knitwin Fashion Team Member 11

    Putting back humanity in clothing manufacturing is one of our core values. One of the reason Knitwin Fashion was started was to provide a safe work environment.

    Therefore, we enforce strict regulations. Regarding wages, overtime, freedom of association, discrimination, child labor, health and safety.

    Our employment regulations have been audited and found compliant with the requirements of GOTS 6.0. You can learn more about GOTS 6.0 ethical regulations in their official document.  You can also access our certification here.

    Learn more about our vision and our motivations here.


    Knitwin Fashion Team Member 6

    Factory Features & Capabilities

    Our factory features:

    • – Single needle lock stitch machines (For both regular and heavy fabrics).
    • – Overlock and flatlock machines.
    • – Folding, rib cutting and buttoning machines.
    • – Straight knife, band knife and end cutting machines.


    We have two production floors across 12,000 square feet. Our daily capacity is 2000 pieces in knits and 250 pieces in woven.


    We produce styles for man, woman and children.

  • Quality Control

    Excellence in fashion manufacturing.


    Knitwin Fashion Team Member 13

    Our team has been manufacturing sustainable fashion since 1996. Our rigorous and time-tested QC process make us reliable. This is part of the reason why brands trust us.

    At Knitwin Fashion, we strive to establish long lasting working relationships with all the brands we work with. Some of our brand partners have been with us since our inception!

    This makes work more productive and enjoyable. This is why we deliver on par with our brand partners’ expectations.

    Knitwin Fashion Team Member 12

    We owe this to our carefully engineered sampling process. But also to our mistake-proof QC process.

    Sometimes, a new relationship may require a bit of extra confidence. This is why our brand partners are always welcome to visit. Or send 3rd party auditors at any given time of their production.

  • Tags and Packaging

    Sustainable accessories and packaging


    In addition to sustainable fabrics and dyes, we also work with sustainable accessories options.Tag Example

    Firstly, we offer our brand partners to work with sustainable button and zip options. Like Corozo buttons or recycled zip for instance

    But we do not stop there. We like to ensure we minimise our impact wherever we can. Therefore, we also work on tags, labels and sustainable packaging solutions. And, owing to our zero waste goal, we like to recycle wherever we can.

    Consequently, we offer recycled organic cotton labels. For tags, we like to work with handmade paper from our own organic cotton waste for instance.

    Finally, when comes the time to pack a garment, we offer 100% compostable vegetable starch bag. One more step towards plastic-free shipping!

  • Worldwide Shipping

    Air/sea freight or courier options worldwide


    Organising freight, clearance and door delivery can prove to be quite a drag. We know this. Therefore, our team assists you all the way.

    First of all, we help in gathering worldwide shipping options at competitive rates. Through private courier or forwarder, by sea or air.

    Then, we ensure all paperwork is up to date with the latest regulations in the destination country.

    Finally, our logistics agents provide insurance options and ensures a smooth clearance and delivery up to your door if required.

How do we work?

Manufacturing custom fashion can prove complicated. It requires time and patience through the different stages of necessary approvals. We’re here to make that process smooth and enjoyable.

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